What Time of Year Should You Plan a Home Remodeling Project?, Minneapolis, Minnesota

From the types of materials you’ll be using to the contractor you’re going to hire, planning a home remodeling project involves many decisions. One element of the project that deserves consideration is the time of year you should schedule it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re blocking out time for a remodeling project.

Tips for Planning Your Home Remodel

Different Seasons, Different Projects

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Scheduling the best time for your project can sometimes be a matter of season. This deals with both the comfort of you and your family and the contractors involved. Outdoor home remodeling projects such as additions, pool areas, and garden spaces are best completed when the weather is cooperative. For Minnesotans, this means steering clear of the long winter and periods of heavy snow.

On the other hand, some projects are best scheduled during the cooler times of the year. Indoor renovations, such as bathroom and kitchen remodels, involve a lot of materials moving in and out of your home. If the weather is hot and sticky, your air conditioning will work overtime to compensate for the constant flow of outside air. This can make for a very uncomfortable and unevenly cooled home. During more temperate months, controlling the climate is less of a concern for your home, and it will be more pleasant for the contractors doing the work.

Planning Around a Contractor’s Peak Season

In addition to keeping the four seasons in mind, planning your home remodeling project around a contractor’s peak season is often beneficial. Trying to hire a contractor while they’re busy juggling several other projects can be difficult. Instead, speak with the contractor to see what time of year is typically less busy. If your project can be completed then, that’s the time to schedule it. Because the contractor won’t be dealing with so many other clients, you’ll get better service and have your dream remodel completed before a rush of other projects.


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