3 Home Design Tips to Make Summer Visitors Feel Welcome, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Your home design isn’t limited to physical aspects like beautifully crafted furniture and impressive architecture. It’s also about the ways you want people to feel in your space. For example, paying extra attention to visitors’ needs can make your home more welcoming. Below, you’ll find three tips to make sure visitors feel welcome when they stay over.

Welcome Summer Guests by Following These 3 Tips

1. Prepare Your Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy beautiful weather with visitors by creating inviting outdoor spaces. That means staying on top of landscaping home design tasks like mowing the lawn and watering plants. Create an outdoor patio complete with a table and chairs plus a grill so you can make everyone delicious meals while you catch up.

2. Stock Extra Toiletries & Linens

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It’s a bummer when a person gets to their destination and realizes they’ve forgotten something important like a toothbrush. Keep spares on hand as well as extra shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste so your guests will feel well taken care of. Consider this in your home design by making sure you have ample bathroom and guest bedroom storage for these extras.

3. Consider Their Dietary Preferences

Nothing makes people feel more at home than having access to the food they like while traveling. Before your guests arrive, ask about a few key foods they love. From good coffee and eggs for breakfast to their favorite late-night ice cream, you’re sure to impress with this thoughtful consideration.


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