4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bathroom remodeling is the perfect way to improve your quality of life, elevate home design, and increase the resale value of your existing property. If you’re planning a bathroom overhaul, here are a few helpful tips from EdgeWork Design Build, Minneapolis, MN.

4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips From a General Contractor

Bathroom Remodeling

1. Incorporate Luxury Finishes

Since bathrooms are smaller than other rooms in a home, you’ll have the opportunity to splurge on a few luxury materials to improve the quality of the space. When working with a remodeling contractor, express your interest in incorporating high-end counters or tiles. Together, you can create a plan to add luxury without blowing the budget.

2. Consider Toilet Positioning

Once you’ve settled on a budget, start brainstorming changes you may want to make to the layout. As a general rule of thumb, avoid setting the toilet so it faces the door. Instead, keep it tucked further away and out of direct sight lines in case the door swings open unexpectedly.

3. Keep Vintage Hardware

During the bathroom remodeling process, it may be tempting to gut the entire room and start from scratch. Before you take a sledgehammer to your tile, consider leaving certain vintage elements. For example, cleaned up subway tile paired with an updated vanity could add character and class while saving time and money.

4. Consider Tub to Shower Conversion

If you aren’t a bath person, a large tub could be taking up space in already cramped quarters. Consider converting your bathtub into a shower to save space and make it easier to maneuver in your bathroom.

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